07 : 17 : 2003
Web shopping etc.

I read somewhere that web shopping can become a problem becouse it's able to make you addicted. Checking payment orders among my papers I discovered a number of quittances that I supposed to be less. As I realized almost all the time I have an order that still not delivered. It's a sympthom of mine if talk personally or of time if look generally. He he anyway it's good. Maybe will be times when you won't need to go to work (if only you are not a deliverman lol) and for shopping - all orders will be placed through according web services. Well what I am thinking about is ordering another book - tomorrow..yes gonna pay it .. as it is proved to be suddenly found the best price offer. Ha ha I even don't know why I spent the whole last thursday walking around the town hoping to find that book in real shops. Of course, it's a good walking training but from other point of view it's just wasting of time .

SONY acid tutorial free

I need to arrange my papers. Some are to be destroyed. When I am working I usually do a lot notes, making the task clearer for understanding. So I ve got a lot of papers that are not useful anymore and sorry to waste cause might be needed some day. Ok anyway making notes and records is a good thing to help to anylise an activity post factum. I have two working diares. A several lines everyday. When you think you did nothing for last two years it's enough to look through a couple of pages lol. I also have a copy book where I briefly describe the tips and so on of the work currently being done. It helps because details will be gone with time and this copy book is intended for help to refresh. Thinking about records years ago I concluded that it's better to make them right in the computer but still conversion havent' done. The plus of the first approach is the easy search, the minus is depending on computer. What is the best?

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07 : 03 : 2003
English test

Today I found this http://www.estudy.ru/includes/test.shtml.
I have answered questions and got 19 points out of 30. I guess that means either I have never known English or forget it mostly. The first case is most likely. By the way you cannot forget the thing you never knew. Fun or sad? or no, it's a shame...This test is rather simple I'm not mention here more complicated ones like TOEFL. Yup, that is really hard...
Anyway having problems with English cannot be surprise since I haven't been refreshing and improving my english for years...long...long time. And now it sounds like I even don't know like it is...What would I say if I listen somebody's Russian like my English...I wish I could compare...must be softly saying something like hopeless

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07 : 01 : 2003
an eve of an old age

So you live your life but once you wake up in a day when you learn that you are old enough for becoming a god-parent. So I met one friend of mine and had learnt from him that his wife asked me to become a godfather to their soon-to-be-born second baby.
So that the way it is. You are young, young and young all the way but then you suddenly wake up an old man. I guess after that you're old then old again until the day you simply do not wake up. That is all about life. lol The task is to make something to make the content inside two brackets - between two fatal dates.
Weird feeling is when most of the time you never feel your real age matches your inner age, if sometimes you feel very old and accordingly the rest of the time - green young.

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